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He stated that he felt as if he had been kicked in the stomach when he found out that he was being terminated from his company. The finance executive had never had to look for a job during his work career until he heard the news. Depressed. Angry. Unable to think. Floundering. Following an initial and confidential meeting to discuss his situation, he determined that he needed a neutral party to help him assess where he was and what he needed to do rather than continue to wallow in self-pity. Ultimately a new business plan was put together along with a plan to market himself in a highly competitive market environment. Because he was now confident and reassured about what was next, he tackled the market with a renewed sense of energy and purpose, ultimately capitalizing on his record of past successes. Today, he is gainfully employed and highly challenged and productive for his new company.  

The sale was completed. She had been an integral part of the growth of the sold business and profited handsomely. However, she was not about to sit on the sidelines. She still had a significant number of productive work years ahead of her. What should she do next? As the result of a referral, she decided to engage in transition consulting to gain insight into her options in an organized, focused way. Having the time and resources to carefully analyze her situation, she eventually determined what her next course of action would be. A new business and marketing plan was developed and implemented. Even in these difficult economic times, she has been able to command attention and a series of interviews that led to her joining a firm in a different industry vertical but able to capitalize on her knowledge and expertise in finance.

A firm had just completed a successful merger. The downside was that a number of employees were going to have to be terminated. Because the acquiring firm respected the work of the these individuals, the acquiring firm decided that they would provide transition consulting to the terminated employees. A program was designed to work with the terminated employees in helping them build a new career plan. Group sessions were held that covered those aspects of the career search that were applicable to the group as a whole: resume writing, interviewing skills and techniques, and the general aspects of developing the career and marketing plans. Significant time was set aside for individual, one-on-one consulting. Each employee's individual needs were assessed and plans tailored and developed that were unique to each employee. These confidential conversations enabled the employees to put the past behind them and focus on their futures.          


"If you have been let go from a job, it is best to tackle your transition issues immediately. Together we will focus on your future and repackage your record of success, determine a game plan, and begin the disciplined steps of implementation.We’re there for you every step of the way."  - Stanley Krejci, Founding Principal, The SK Group, LLC

Regardless of their cause, unanticipated career transitions are stressful and often lead to debilitating doubts that hamper an effective job search. Even in today’s uncertain economic climate, it is possible to work through the transition process strategically and to attain new job success. Emotional and financial stability soon follow.

The SK Group, led by former executive search consultant and business executive Stan Krejci, offers a unique understanding and realistic perspective of what it takes to initiate a fresh start.

Stan’s personal, custom-tailored transition consulting includes these key elements:

  • A series of non-judgmental,interactive assessments to focus the client on the right industry and best-suited job responsibility,                                                                                               
  • A new career strategy and marketing plan with detailed steps and time-lines for the client to follow,                                                                                                                                                             
  • Resume/curriculum vita repackaging,                                                                                                     
  • An “elevator speech” about new career objectives,                                                                              
  • An assessment of interview skills,                                                                                                              
  • Direct marketing techniques
  • Personal referrals to a broad business network.

Whether a client’s career transitions is the result of a corporate merger or acquisition, downsizing, corporate bankruptcy or even performance issues, The SK Group’s expertise in career guidance and personal advocacy will dramatically facilitate successful transition to a satisfying career in your field of choice.