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A recent graduate of a Virginia university, the student froze during her first post-graduation job interview. Analyzing the reasons for her inability to communicate with the corporate recruiter, it was determined following an in-depth assessment that the student was pursuing both the wrong industry vertical and job responsibility. Working with the student over a period of one-on-one meetings, a new job path was defined for the student, a marketing plan developed, and interviewing skills improved, resulting in a student confident of herself and possessing knowledge of the industry vertical and the companies with whom she was interviewing. The end result: a series of successful, interactive interviews followed by two job offers.

At the beginning of his senior year at a Midwest college, the student had no idea as to what he really wanted to do when he graduated from college. He felt frustrated and confused. At the suggestion of his parents, a non-judgmental career consulting engagement was arranged. Starting early in the fall, the student participated in a series of assessments designed to guide him to developing a focused career plan followed by a marketing program, which included a resume restructuring and several sessions on interviewing techniques and skills. This resulted in the student being so well prepared that he was able to initiate a number of job interviews during the winter break. In addition, he was well-prepared for the corporate recruiters when they made their spring visits to the campus. He was ahead of his contemporaries, a real plus in a highly competitive environment during difficult economic times.

The SK Group focused me for success.” – University of Virginia Senior 2008

"As I’ve worked with students for over fourteen years, I’ve realized that few have been prepared adequately for their entry into the job market. In their senior year, they begin hearing horror stories about finding a job, and their parents are worried about their future, adding to their inevitable stress level.

The students with whom I have worked say these have been the benefits they’ve received: defining their skills and channeling their energy successfully; developing a precise plan for their job search; preparing thoroughly for job interviews, and gaining confidence so that their first job will lay a solid foundation for a satisfying, productive career."  -Stanley Krejci, Founding Principal, The SK Group, LLC 

As the end of college or graduate school approaches, this question begins to form: What am I going to do when I graduate? The dilemma is often accompanied by a myriad of concerns about a poor economy and tight job market as well as unsolicited advice from well-intentioned professors, friends, parents, family friends and many others.

Successfully resolving the dilemma is greatly facilitated by embarking on a focused career planning process with a skilled, experienced career consultant and mentor/ partner. A deliberate plan gives the graduate the edge for completing his/her job search successfully.

The SK Group, led by former executive search consultant and business executive Stan Krejci, offers a broad, deep understanding and realistic perspective on what it takes for college and graduate students to plan their career and launch their job search.

During the senior year or last year of graduate school, The SK Group takes the job seeker through a step-by-step process including:

  • Exercises that focus on the right industry and best-suited job responsibility,                
  • The creation of a strategy and detailed marketing plan,                                                                 
  • Advice on resume preparation, interview skills and networking opportunities,                        
  • Coaching in the delivery of a concise, powerful “elevator speech”                                                  
  • Continuous support to ensure that the discipline of implementing the marketing plan  is sustained.                                                                                                                                                       

 The SK Group initially provides one-on-one mentoring to the student. Once the plan is developed, we help the student brief the parents, ensuring their understanding of the strategic process. Graduates and parents alike can view the job search calmly and positively from start to finish and anticipate timely success. We follow-up with the student once they begin the job. Long term mentoring is part of our on-going career consulting relationship.