Career Consulting for Senior Managers and Executives..............................................

A woman in mid-career was unsure of what her next career opportunity should be. Did she stay with her current company, where she had a proven record of upward job responsibility in corporate finance? Her issue: was the “grass greener on the other side of the fence?” Following a personalized series of meetings, conversations, and assessments, she ultimately decided that she would remain with her current firm with a redefined sense of purpose, energy, and continued success.

Feeling under-appreciated, a Chief Technology Officer thought it was time to begin the process of assessing whether he ought to change firms within the same industry vertical. Undergoing a series of in-depth, personalized assessments, conversations, and evaluations, the CTO mapped out a new career path, including a strenuous marketing program, doing it from a position of strength while still employed. He polished his resume and time was spent reviewing his interviewing skills. While making a lateral move from a compensation perspective, within the year, he was promoted , making more compensation than before and finding himself far more appreciated as well as fulfilled by the challenges of his new company.

"To me, the successful outcome of my partnership with clients is their job and career satisfaction. After candid and creative analysis, one client may decide to stay put with a renewed sense of purpose, enthusiasm and potential success. Another may decide to map out an entirely new and different career path. As their personal mentor and professional consultant, what I care about most is their success; in other words, their ultimate job satisfaction. And I’m indefatigable in my efforts to ensure that satisfaction."  -Stanley Krejci, Founding Principal, The SK Group, LLC

Even the most successful and secure corporate leaders, managers, executives or professionally at any level occasionally want to assess their careers and consider other possibilities. Sometimes the motivation is a need or desire for greater compensation or more professional fulfillment. Sometimes it stems from concerns about lifestyle. And sometimes a person is eager to branch out into a new field and make a dramatic career change. Regardless of the motivation, a professional, one-on-one partnership with a career consultant facilitates the process exponentially, ensuring success even in today’s highly competitive job market. The SK Group, led by former executive search consultant and business executive Stan Krejci, offers a broad understanding of and realistic perspective on what it takes to initiate and successfully complete a career or job change.

Stan’s personalized career consulting includes this step-by-step approach:

• A series of non-judgmental,interactive assessments to focus the client on his/her great great       strengths, to explore motivations and to investigate create possibilities,                                        

A new career strategy and marketing plan with detailed steps and time-lines for the client to    follow,

• Resume/curriculum vitae repackaging,

• Developing an “elevator speech” about new career objectives,                                                  

• Assessing and coaching interview skills,                                                                                                     

• Developing direct marketing techniques,